The Orchards Primary Academy Staffing 2019-20

Head Teacher: Mrs H Carrier (DSL)

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr D O’Neill (KS2 Phase Leader, Maths Leader, Deputy DSL, Year 6 Teacher & member of SLT)

Assistant Head Teacher: Miss H Byrne (KS1 Phase Leader, Literacy Leader, Deputy DSL, Year 6 Teacher & member of SLT)

SENCO: Dr M Bedward (member of SLT)

EYFS Leader: Miss E Hughson (Reception Teacher & Member of SLT)

Year 5 Teacher: Miss K Bell (Curriculum Lead)

Year 4 Teacher: Miss M Riviere

Year 3 Teacher: Miss Gindhay (Arts Connect Lead)

Year 2 Teacher: Mrs R Hughes (Music & RE Lead)

Year 1 Teacher: Mrs J Addis (Science and Forest School Lead)

Nursery Teacher: Miss I Alborghetti

Year 6 TA: Miss S Roe (Catch Up Intervention & Phonics)

Year 4 & 5 TA: Mrs A Flynn (Catch Up Intervention, Art enrichment)

Year 4 1:1 TA: Miss K Nesbitt (Lego Therapy)

Year 3 TA: Mrs J Vaughan (Catch Up intervention and Phonics)

Year 2 TA: Mrs M Jones (Wellcomm and Phonics)

Year 1 TA: Mrs H Breecher (Wellcomm & Phonics)

Reception TA: Mrs S O’Rourke (Wellcomm and Phonics)

EYFS TA: Miss E Roe (Wellcomm and SALT)

Nursery TA: Mrs R Whitehouse (Wellcomm)

Pre-Academy: Miss M Gauntlett (Deputy DSL)

Pre-Academy: Mrs F Sharif

Pre-Academy: Mrs D Jones

Pre-Academy: Mrs J Buchanan

Maths booster: Mrs Danthuluri

Office Manager: Mrs C Hadley

Attendance & Finance

Officer: Mr M Hadley

Business Manager: Mr R Myles

Building Site Supervisor: Mr D Bryant

Cleaning Team: Mrs B Bennett

Cleaning Team: Ms L Taylor

Malachi Support: Brian Walsh (Tuesdays)

Catering Manager: Mrs S Swan

Catering: Mrs K Holroyd

Catering: Mrs P Alexander

Lunchtime Team: Mrs J Buchanan

Mrs C Hodgetts
Ms M Morris
Mrs D French
Mrs C Elliott-Smith
Mrs S Danthuluri

Teaching Assistants also provide lunchtime cover

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