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Summer Safeguarding Newsletter 07/06/2022COMMUNICATION RESOURCES FOR SCHOOLS COVID-19 5 to 11s 06/04/2022Letter for Schools Covid-19 vaccinations 06/04/2022Easter Activities 2022 06/04/2022Easter Activities 2022 06/04/2022Spring Safeguarding Newsletter 01/03/2022Covid Letter to Parents 10/01/2022Autumn Safeguarding Newsletter 16/11/2021End of term key dates 09/07/2021September 2021 Staffing 09/07/2021Newsletter 2nd July 2021 05/07/2021Pre-Academy Closure 29/06/2021Notification of single case 23/06/2021Close contact letter 23/06/2021Newsletter 18th June 2021 21/06/2021‘Wear Yellow Day’ to support families affected by cystic fibrosis 10/06/2021Drop Off & Collection Letter June 2021 10/06/2021Weekly Newsletter - 21st May 2021 26/05/2021Build Transition Letter 26/05/2021Oak National Academy - Summer Learning 13/05/2021Easing of restrictions 10/05/2021Newsletter 7th May 2021 10/05/2021Newsletter - 23rd April 2021 22/04/2021Test and Trace Letter 31/03/2021Easter Covid Update Letter 31/03/2021Newsletter - 26th March 2021 26/03/2021Newsletter 12 March 2021 12/03/2021Returning to school after lockdown 05/03/2021Covid Testing / Track & Trace Letter 4th March 2021 05/03/2021Nursery Open Day 05/03/2021March 8th Return to School 24/02/2021SafeToNet letter 17/02/2021Half Term Letter 11/02/2021Design our new school library! 11/02/2021Building Update & Additional Teacher Days. 11/02/2021Nursery Letter 11/02/2021Newsletter 5th February 2021 05/02/2021Safer Internet Day Letter 05/02/2021Positive case 23rd January 2021 26/01/2021Notice of building delivery 26/01/2021Newsletter 22nd January 2021 22/01/2021Home learning update 15th January 15/01/2021Letter from the Head Teacher Jan 11th 2021 11/01/2021A guide to keeping healthy, happy, and safe during lockdown 08/01/2021Newsletter - January 8th 2021 08/01/2021Reception places for September - Letter 06/01/2021school closure 5th January 04/01/2021School closure 4th January 2021 04/01/2021January school opening 04/01/2021Newsletter 17th December 2020 17/12/2020From Birmingham with love 17/12/2020Newsletter 4th December 04/12/2020Christmas Risk Assessment 03/12/2020Letter for wider school 30/11/2020Year 5 close contacts letter 30/11/2020Christmas arrangements 27/11/2020Newsletter - 6th November 2020 11/11/2020Letter from Bham City Council 11/11/20206th November 2020 06/11/2020Letter to all parents 06/11/2020letter for direct and proximity contacts 06/11/2020Parents evening and end of half term 23/10/2020Newsletter 16th October 2020 15/10/2020School Year Dates 08/10/2020Thank you 05/10/2020Newsletter 1St October 2020 01/10/2020School Closure 28/09/2020Covid 19 Related Pupil Absence Guide 18/09/2020Newsletter 18th September 2020 18/09/2020Parents update letter Sept 20th 04/09/2020Newsletter September 4th 2020 04/09/2020September opening letter 10/07/2020Parents letter September 03/07/2020Year 2 Newsletter 22/06/2020Year 1 Newsletter 22/06/2020Newsletter June 12th 16/06/2020Letter 9th June 09/06/2020June 8th Newsletter 08/06/2020Nursery Newsletter - Ten Magic Butterflies 08/06/2020Keeping Safe Online 04/06/2020Preschool Newsletter June 2020 03/06/2020Nursery Newsletter June 2020 03/06/2020Visitor Privacy Notice - June 2020 02/06/2020Week 2 Parents Letter 02/06/2020Newsletter June 1st 02/06/2020Reception Newsletter 02 06 2020 02/06/2020letter to children 29/05/2020Letter 26th May 26/05/2020clinically vulnerable children 21/05/2020Newsletter May 21st 21/05/2020letter to parents 19/05/2020Year 5 Newsletter 14/05/2020Year 4 Newsletter 14/05/2020Year 6 newsletter 14/05/2020Year 3 newsletter 14/05/2020Pre academy newsletter 14/05/2020Reception Newsletter 14/05/2020Newsletter 14/05/2020Y2 to Y3 Transition letter for parents 14/05/2020Goldilocks 5 14/05/2020Goldilocks 3 14/05/2020Goldilocks 2 14/05/2020Goldilocks 1 14/05/2020Re-opening Letter June 12/05/2020Newsletter 7th May 06/05/2020Year 6 Newsletter 01/05/2020Nursery 01/05/2020Pre-Academy 01/05/2020Newsletter 25th April 21/04/2020CDOP Child Death Prevention Newsletter Important Coronavirus Advice for Parents&Carer 2020 17/04/2020Newsletter 28th February 2020 02/03/2020Newsletter 7th February 2020 07/02/2020Newsletter 24th January 2020 23/01/2020Newsletter 10th January 2020 10/01/2020Newsletter 20th December 2019 18/12/2019Newsletter 8th November 2019 11/11/2019Newsletter 18th October 2019 17/10/2019Newsletter 4th October 2019 04/10/2019Newsletter 20th September 2019 19/09/2019Newsletter 6th September 2019 06/09/2019Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 03/09/2019Newsletter 12th July 2019 12/07/2019Newsletter 28th June 2019 28/06/2019Newsletter 14th June 2019 13/06/2019Newsletter 24th May 2019 24/05/2019Newsletter 10th May 2019 14/05/2019Newsletter 11th April 2019 09/04/2019Newsletter 29th March 2019 27/03/2019Newsletter 15th March 2019 15/03/2019Newsletter 25th January 2019 25/01/2019Newsletter 11th January 2019 15/01/2019Newsletter 14th December 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 30th November 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 16th November 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 9th November 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 19th October 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 5th October 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 21st September 2018 15/01/2019Newsletter 4th May 2018 16/05/2018Safeguarding Update May 2018 16/05/2018Safeguarding Update 15/03/2018Newsletter 9th February 2018 15/03/2018Newsletter 9th March 2018 15/03/2018

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